Restoran Art Priori
Art Exhibition - Portrates - Photography

Art Priori in Tallinn’s Old Town is beside everything else an art project. The restaurant is sort of a art gallery constantly changing exhibitions, to create intriguing points of contact between art and society.
Art Priori wanted to create its own fairy-tale, one that would show the creativity of a place and the people working there. A fairy-tale about how today’s world is actually a past world and how this past world is the same where we are living today.

In these photopaintings created by Agneta Hardõkainen and Dima Kalenda poses employees of Art Priori. We helped  staff to interact even more with the restorant consept. All the works are exhibitied at the restaurant, exhibition Metamorphosis – timless art.

Camera: Phase One 645DF IQ180

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